About us


…share the passion to successfully combine face2face contacts with elearning
…are enthusiastic about the flexibility and efficiency of elearning
…are eager to support learning, teaching and working at the AAU”

Dr. Gabriele Frankl
P: +43 463 2700 9209
E: gabriele.frankl@aau.at
Dr. Sabrina Weisskircher
P: +43 463 2700 9280
E: Sabrina.Weisskircher@aau.at
Philipp Schwarz, BA
P: +43 463 2700 9279
E: philipp.schwarz@aau.at
Sebastian Napetschnig
P: +43 463 2700 9286
E: sebastian.napetschnig@aau.at
Dr. Sofie Schratt-Bitter
P: +43 463 2700 9291
E: sofie.schratt-bitter@aau.at


... support lecturers on-site with the planning and execution of their blended learning courses
... video record courses
... support the setup of of online exams and exam questions in Moodle

A vital goal is to equip teachers with “empowerment”, i.e etutors do not perform lecturers‘ tasks, but rather help them to put elearning strategies into practice. They do, however, provide assistance during online-exams.